Sunday, November 4, 2012

Revitator’s Punkinator

A week ago today I was determinedly hacking away at Dynamo, intent on creating a pumpkin, any kind of pumpkin, for Zach Kron’s 4th Annual Parametric Pumpkin Carving. My first two attempts at pumpkin-carving had merely revealed my lack of skill with nested profiles and adaptive components, and time was running out.

So I fell back on an approach I’d used previously (in particular for the twisting tower I presented at Manchester Revit User Group (MRUG) back in September): Build a loft from a series of loops.

Now Dynamo, being Alpha code, can be a bit tricky, and I didn’t get the thing running at all until midnight. And then it ran glacially slow. But it did create pumpkins; or pumpkin-like things; or (depending on the parameters), totally un-pumpkin-like things. So I snapped a couple of screenshots, zipped the files up, wrote a quick explanation, and sent the whole lot off to Zach. And then went to bed thinking, ‘Well, at least I made something this year.’

And then, surprise, delight, my pumpkin won Mostest Parametric!

Just goes to show: Put the effort in and turn up to the event, you might just be lucky!

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