Thursday, November 15, 2012

Curve By Points and Reference Point On Edge

Post-pumpkin, I’ve been exploring the conceptual massing environment in more depth, both through the user interface and via the API. So I thought it would be fun to implement the WikiHelp API examples in Dynamo. This is the first, and follows this WkiHelp example:

WH 14-1a CurveByPoints

The left hand side is not very interesting: Just some hard-coded XYZs, fed into a List node. The list of XYZs is then fed to a Reference Point node to generate a list of reference points (the Reference Point node is one of the few that will equally accept either a single value or a list). And then the refpoints are fed into a Curve By Points node to generate the curve.

The last two nodes generate the hosted point on the curve (described in the WikiHelp text but currently missing from the code listing). The Reference Point On Edge node creates the point and the Number node sets the parametric position of the hosted point along the curve. Replacing the Number node with a slider allows you to move the point along the curve dynamically (with Run Automatically on, and a reasonably fast computer).

WH 14-1a CurveByPoints image

And here’s the source: WH 14-1 Curve By Points

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