Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dynamo – Single Point

This is a Dynamo re-working of Nathan Miller’s RevitPythonShell ‘Single Point’ example, from the Proving Ground Wiki, Create Points page.
PG 1.1 Reference Point
I’m using the three Number Sliders to generate the X, Y and Z coordinates. The XYZ Node creates a behind-the-scenes Revit XYZ object, and the the Reference Point creates the visible Revit Reference Point object.
If you select Run Automatically in Dynamo, then the Reference Point in Revit will move as you adjust the Number Sliders in Dynamo.
Link to Dynamo Definition PG 1.1 Reference Point.dyn

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where to get Dynamo - Video

An extract from my presentation to Manchester Revit User Group, showing where to get Dynamo for Vasari and Revit, and how to get started. Another test. Sound quality is terrible.

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Link to video on Screencast

Monday, September 24, 2012

MRUG Presentation

Last week I presented Revit Dynamo to Manchester Revit User Group. I’ve uploaded the (four) slides to Slideshare:

There were only four slides because most of the presentation consisted of live demonstration and pointers to further information on the web.
(To an extent, this post is a test to see how Slideshare works. So far it's not looking great, because the slides are not showing up reliably. I'll have another look later and see whether it is conversion lag)
Edit: No, still not showing up in the browser. Shows fine on Slideshare site. Shows fine in Blogger editing window. Perplexed.