Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dynamo - Plane using World XYZ

Nathan Miller has two examples of creating Planes in RevitPythonShell. This is the first, ported into Revit Dynamo:

PG 2.1

It is very simple. I figured that I’d be using XYZ.BasisZ and XYZ.Zero a fair bit, so it made sense to implement them as User Nodes. These are fed into the Plane node, which is in turn fed into the Sketch Plane node.

The Transaction node wraps the whole thing in a Revit Transaction. At the moment, I add a Transaction node when Dynamo complains that it needs one. Seems to be working so far.

The Watch node just allows you to see that something has happened when you run the code.

Of the two User Nodes, here is XYZ.BasisZ:


And here is XYZ.Zero:


As you can see, both User Nodes wrap a snippet of Python that calls the Revit API. I’ve found that you need to give the Python Script node an input to make it work, hence the otherwise superfluous Number nodes. Not sure if there’s a way to fix that just now.

And here’s the source: Link to Dynamo Definition PG 2.1 Sketch Plane World XYZ.dyn. Again, it’s a zip containing the dyn file and the two User Node dyf files. Open the dyfs first to load them into Dynamo’s library.

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Richard Lin said...

Hi Dynamo Expert,

May I ask if it is possible to twist ( rotate ) the point in Family in Dynamo? I try to create a twist tower. Thank you very much.

email : richard.yuke.lin@gmail.com